Dragon and Knight Bench

Johann Borgersen

30.3" h x 42.1" w x 18.9" d




Inventory Number BOJ003

Size 30.3" h x 42.1" w x 18.9" d

Material Northern Pine

Country of Origin Norway

Year Made 1900

Condition Excellent

Johann Borgersen, a Norwegian sculptor, was a leading figure in Norway’s nationalistic art scene of the early 20th century, a time during which Norway gained independence from Sweden. The Norwegian Arts & Crafts movement, or ‘Dragon’ style, celebrated Norway’s Viking heritage through an incorporation of Medieval and Viking symbolism. This Dragon and Knight bench is a direct reference to this style. Finely sculpted interlaced carvings, such as the ones visible on both end pieces, draw upon traditional decorative patterns of Viking heritage. The floral elements and emblematic curvy lines show the influence of Art Nouveau on the sculptor, creating a mixture of styles that make this piece a unique example of Borgersen’s woodwork. Particularly remarkable is the carving of the knight and dragon on the side of the bench. The seat also rises to reveal a safe underneath.

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