Garden of Good Fortune

Emanuel Josef Margold for Ernst Wahliss

13.5” DIAM.


c. 1914


Inventory Number C0319

Size 13.5” DIAM.

Material Faience

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin Austria

Year Made c. 1914

Condition Excellent

Immediately recognizable as the work of a Wiener Werkstätte designer, this serene charger bears a linear design composed of stylized lotus blossoms, eyes of Horus, and other repeat markings. The ancient Egyptian “Eye of Horus” was a symbol of protection and was thought to confer wisdom, health and prosperity. The four sons of Horus were frequently shown rising from a lotus blossom (also called a blue lily), making this wall charger a potent reminder of rebirth.

Marks: Stamped Serapis-Wahliss. F.537/32cm II 9586.

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