Nostalgia 16-TWts01

Osamu Kojima

18h x 14w x 7d in.




Nostalgia 16-TWts01, 2016
18h x 14w x 7d in
45.72h x 35.56w x 17.78d cm

These slabbed clay layers stand are both perfectly still and inexplicably dynamic, as if a cross-section of the geological record were pulled from deep within the earth; a reminder that clay is precisely that— earth.  Used stones are an image in Kojima’s work that become a symbol of technologies-past, accretions of labour shining through time immemorial. His layered stoneware forms, in spite of their size, give the impression of existing at a very large scale. This sense of monumentality grows out of the landscape-like quality of these sculptures— forms which slice through the distinction between natural and human-made objects only to reassemble these terms in their own image.

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