Gareth Mason

13" H x 11" W x 11" D




Inventory Number MAG154

Size 13" H x 11" W x 11" D

Material Porcelain, stoneware and oxide crust, firebrick shards

Period Contemporary

Country of Origin England

Year Made 2006-2011

Gareth Mason here seems to deconstruct the recognizable form of a traditional vase and to turn it into one of his intriguing, organic, and highly textural creations. He covered one side with a dark oxide crust, which creates the impression of a burnt surface. The other half of the vase appears more colorful. Mason played with different glazes and conducted several firings to obtain such a result. For the artist, the process of deconstruction goes hand in hand with that of creation. "Actually," Mason explains, "it's not just about being lush and drippy and beautiful and gorgeous - it's all of that, but it's also about the hinterland between attraction and repulsion. I want to attract people there and confront them with something that's not altogether comfortable".

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