Inventory Number LAR026

Size 22.9" h x 9.2" w

Material Stoneware

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin France

Year Made C. 1899

This trumpeted pillar's shape attributes itself to the idea of volcanic movement, along with the intense red enameling throughout the piece. The white, semi-spherical base is indented with various circles that are partially outlined with brownish-red remains from the pillar's main structure. The circles are echoed in the pillar's neck area, where the flare begins, only this time are more intensely filled with red enameling and hues. The inner lip of the pillar contrasts the outer portion of the pillar in that it includes more blues and greens along with the red motif. This wash resembles waves, which contrasts the lava motifs that are strewn throughout. These contradictions are traditional of R. Lachenal.

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