Cory Brown - Contemporary - Jason Jacques Gallery

"Before I knew what I was doing, I wanted to make pottery. Ceramics has been my greatest teacher and my unwearied guide. Through the making of objects and the consuming search for something more to discover, this obsession has led me to explore science, culture, and art. I believe seeking education is the key to understanding and is essential to having a meaningful life. One does not need to know everything, though learning about history, nature, and our own existence leads us toward understanding our journey and place in the world. The objects I make have become a record of my existence. In each object there is evidence of growth; through innovation, expression, and yearning for understanding and meaning in life. As I push deeper into the knowledge of ceramic material, in tandem with an ever-evolving realization of purpose, my work deepens in meaning and quality of facture; each step reinforcing my commitment to clay."

— Cory Brown

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