Born in 1980 in Detroit, Michigan

Lives and works in Portland, Oregon 

Rem Denizen is a thinker, artist, and maker currently based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Rem co-founded the Bruce High Quality Foundation, amongst other successful art based collectives, and is currently focused on the psychology of user/maker relationships in art processes through OSAP (Open Source Art Process) projects. His artworks deal both with political and personal themes, and often works, using a complex visual language, to tug at subtle trains of thought within viewers that guide them towards developing their own meanings and relationships with the objects he creates. 

Rem’s Inkblot and 30-60-90 paintings appropriate pages from art books as their ground, images that are often immediately recognizable even from the corners of works as they peek through blotted ink drawings entangled with the webs of spiders or plants. Rem intends these pictures to “innocently elicit associations” in the minds of his audience, hopefully “bypassing the rational mind and inspiring active imagination” with subtle, subconscious evocation. The results are insanely beautiful and complex works.

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