Rick Owens

Born in 1961 in California

Lives and works in Paris, France

Since 2006, Rick Owens has been presenting a collection of monolithic furniture produced in collaboration with his life partner, artist Michèle Lamy. They have developed a unique furniture style that he describes as “luxe minimalism.” Owens finds his strongest influences in nature, creating simple, organic shapes, and using unorthodox materials like bone, petrified wood, concrete, and camel skin. 

Owens began his career in design in 1994 with his fashion label in Los Angeles. After moving to France in 2002, he has been showing sculptural ready-to-wear for men and women on the Paris runway ever since. Known for an anti-conventional aesthetic, Owens' shows have gained recognition for breaking conventions of race, gender, body size, and runway show format. He is a recipient of the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Emerging Talent Award, the Cooper-Hewitt’s National Design Award, and the Fashion Group International’s Rule Breaking Award.

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