Press Release

Meridian Avenue & 19th Street
Adjacent to the Miami Beach Convention Center
Miami Beach, US

Cementing his move into the world of contemporary ceramic arts, Jason Jacques will exhibit at Design Miami 2012. The well known specialist of historical European Art Pottery, with a focus on the 1890's Art Pottery Renaissance centered in France, Jason Jacques will present an overview of important late 19th and 20th Century ceramic masterpieces including works by Taxile Doat, Clément Massier, Eduard Stellmacher,
Vilmos Zsolnay, Adrien Dalpayrat, Émile Decoeur, Thorvald Bindesbøll, Theodorus Colenbrander, Rene Buthaud and Axel Salto. This group of important artworks will complement his contemporary artists Gareth Mason, Michael Geertsen, Morten Lobner Espersen, and Eric Serritella.

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