JJG x Arts & Conversations

A West Palm Beach Pop-Up

March 7 – 17, 2023

Noah Greene, I wish, I wish, I wished, 2022, Three-dimensional ceramic painting

Press Release

Jason Jacques Gallery at Arts and Conversations

March 7-21, 2023

Noah Greene will be giving a talk on the 7th.

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We are excited to announce that we will be participating in Arts and Conversations, a series of rotating pop-up gallery exhibits in West Palm Beach organized by veteran actor and art collector Regan Rhode that aims to demystify the art world, afford longtime collectors and those new to the community greater access to a global selection of galleries and artists, and nourish the creative community in and around the Palm Beach. 

For our presentation at Arts and conversations, we will be showing Anne Marie Laureys, Aneta Regel, William Ehrlich, and Noah Greene, who will be giving an artist talk the evening of the 7th.

Noah Greene (b. 1994, Brooklyn, NY; Lives and works in Saratoga Springs) is a ceramic artist specializing in three-dimensional ceramic paintings. Born and raised in Brooklyn to a French mother and an American-Jewish father, Greene was raised in a multicultural, bilingual household and his initial struggles with language and communication were what led him to find solace in the Arts. He merges of two and three dimensional mediums masterfully, illuminating a subject-matter rooted in Queer Theory and Identity. Drawing upon his understanding of clay, wood, textiles and modern technology, Greene builds paintings. These works are grounded in his experience as a transgender, gay man and with them he carves out a relationship between the viewer and himself, creating a more compassionate, fact driven conversation about the intersectionality of queer bodies, mental health, community and culture.

Anne Marie Laureys (b. 1962 in Beveren, Belgium; lives and works in Russeignies, Belgium) has been in love with clay Since her first experience working with the material; throwing on a wheel is her way of of communicating with the medium. The current iteration of Laureys' critically acclaimed work arose from the desire to maintain the clay’s tactility and the exciting potential of the medium, in tandem with satisfying a need to test its limitations. The tension that holds her sculptures together comes from the dissolution of boundaries between the interior and exterior. She approaches her cloud-like solids as not only a frames or containers for a void, but are voids in and of themselves. This is not to say that these pieces are empty— Laureys vessels are “metaphors for feelings.” In her own words, her work “hides the inside while framing the outside.”

Aneta Regel (b. 1976, Poland; Lives and works in London, England) creates abstract ceramic sculptures that emulate the natural world around her. Trees, rocks, and riverbeds are some of the elements she uses to convey her vision. She captures the forms, energies, and rhythms of these natural phenomena, evoking strong emotional responses in viewers. Leaning heavily into naturalistic abstraction, Regel explains, “The human body and objects found in nature fascinate me. My work carries anthropomorphic references and autobiographical narratives.” In addition to clay and layers of glaze, Regel also uses volcanic rock materials, basalt, granite, and feldspar to form the main body of her pieces, resulting in visually complex surfaces and textures. 

William Ehrlich (b. Born in 1941 in New York, NY; Lives and works in New York, NY) produces innovative jewelry influenced by his lifelong artistic interests. His early pursuits with painting and sculpture helped him to achieve a degree in architecture from Harvard University, where he nurtured and refined his creative expression. “The three major elements that influence my work," Ehrlich says, "are the structural and technical that derive from architecture; the dialogue between form, color and composition of contemporary art; and the interest in the forms and motifs that comprise the Arts & Crafts movement."

Jason Jacques Gallery will show at Arts and Conversations from March 7th - March 21st, 2023. Please email for more information.

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