The Jason Jacques gallery, known as one of the leading resources for period pottery, is hosting his first contemporary ceramist, Gareth Mason, from February 9 through March 9, 2011, at his gallery on East 73rd Street in New York. Mason’s Other Forces collection (ranging from $1,200 to $17,500 per piece) explores the mystery of creation through a series of wildly colored and textured ceramic, avant-garde structures. Mason throws each pot by hand and then incorporates what he calls scraps, such as gravel from the Victorian slate industry and rescued waste from the Thames River. At times, it has taken years to complete a single piece.

“Gareth is a pottery wizard with the touch of madman that seems to underlie the surface of all great artists,” says Jacques, who began collecting and dealing art, specifically Art Nouveau and Japonism pottery, in 1987 when he was just 19-years old. Jacques moved to Vienna and then to Paris to develop his business and, with a growing client list, finally settled in New York in 2002. His reputation flourished worldwide and, though always having worked with other mediums (ranging from textiles to graphics), Jason Jacques became recognized as one of the leading dealers and scholars of post Industrial Revolution European Art Pottery. (212.535.7500,

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