Last year we participated at the Biennale Des Antiquaires at the Grand Palais in Paris. Most of you know this but what few do know is that only members of the Syndicat National Des Antiquaires are allowed to participate. Being a member of this organization is one of the most prestigious honors an art and antiques dealer can achieve. What makes this even more of an honor is that as an American, I am one of an even smaller group within the Syndicat. For me, the real coup is that I started my business in Paris 22 years ago. I grew out of the Marche Aux Puces. I grew from the very bottom to the very top. After achieving the Biennale I have been wondering, "what next?" Should I keep pursuing the contemporary scene. Play more with paintings. Oh, never worry that I will stop making Art Nouveau and Japonist Ceramic Masterworks shows! That will never happen, but somehow getting this card in the mail today makes me feel somehow... done. Complete. Finished. I reached my goal. And I do not want to get bored. I need new goals. More, more, more. Never rest. Never stop growing. But today, I think I will reflect on the wonderful journey that brought me to this day, a member of the French Syndicat.

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