TEFAF Maastricht 2020

The Design Edit

March 2020


For New York’s Jason Jacques Gallery, TEFAF is a place to challenge visitors by bringing over unusual pieces. “I push boundaries and constantly present a fresh, new experience so we never look like we did the year before,” Jacques says. “This year, I was feeling the jungle vibe because I just bought a big farm in Costa Rica where we’re building an artist residency/retreat.” Cue a tall ‘Wishbone’ sculpture (1977), carved from a single slab of redwood burl by the American sculptor JB Blunk (1926-2002), and a ‘Carved Armchair’ (1900), painted in a palette of rich dark green and turquoise by the Norwegian furniture creator Lars Kinsarvik (1846-1925), which Jacques refers to as ‘Norwegian Viking Revival furniture’.

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