Inventory Number GEM006

Size 9" h x 9.25" w

Material Glazed Stoneware

Country of Origin Italy

Year Made c. 1930

Maurice Gensoli opened his own design studio in 1927. There, he specialized in the creation of stylized sculptures, often incorporating sea creatures, landscapes and human figures. This glazed stoneware piece is a representative example of his work in the 1930s. With unique expressiveness, the ceramist depicted the struggle of a mermaid figure with two eels through a complex organization of space. Her head is turned back with a grimace of pain and her arms seek control of the fish, which seek to enwrap her from behind. Her conflicted expression is heightened by the shadows produced with a green glaze that accentuates her facial features. The glaze, unevenly applied, gives a more vivid look to the sculpture and the colors echo its subject matter.

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