Ostrich Egg

Emile Decoeur

5.9" h x 7" w


C. 1925


Inventory Number DEE064

Size 5.9" h x 7" w

Material Stoneware

Period Art Deco

Country of Origin France

Year Made C. 1925

Condition Excellent

Muted colors and shades of brown, as well as rich flambé glazes are indicative of Émile Decoeur's work, and those characteristics certainly apply to this spherical enameled stoneware vase. The name attributes the idea that the vase, in its coloring and shape, resembles an ostrich egg. The speckled brown hues blend together, some lighter and some darker, creating discernible lines of color variation, especially on the back of the vase.

Signed with the artist’s mark "E. Decoeur."

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