FOG Design+Art 2019

January 16 – 20, 2019

Katsuyo Aoki
Trolldom Lucifer (by Katsuyo Aoki and Shinichiro Kitaura), 2016-2017
Glazed porcelain and underglaze cobalt decoration
86.61h x 59.06w x 11.81d in

Press Release




Jason Jacques Gallery is pleased to announce their fourth year exhibiting at FOG Design + Art fair at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture. Staying true to their tune, the gallery will be exhibiting a formidable sample of artworks in their collection, bringing their New York City based ceramics program out to the West Coast. Known for their dedication to providing a broad vision of the multifaceted potential of clay, Jason Jacques Gallery’s booth will feature work by some of the leading women artists refiguring the medium in Raw Power - Women in Clay.

The high drama and emotional pith of Beth Cavener’s expertly-sculpted animal forms and Katsuyo Aoki’s riveting, bone-white, rococo wall-panels shall stand alongside the effervescent flux and void of Anne Marie Laurey’s sculptural vessels and Aneta Regel’s fantastical, volcanic, and geological forms.

There’s been a seismic and long-overdue shift in the way in women participate and are received by the art world, and the show is the gallery’s contribution to the discussion. Though there is a long way to go, Jason Jacques Gallery is committed to nurturing and further developing a dialogue based on unapologetic inclusion. The sculptures presented are both the results of and active, current forces within the cultural, creative, social, and art historical transformation that refuses to treat women as an after-thought, for without a doubt all of these women are ‘masters’ of their art who display a deep relationship with and skillful command of their medium.

Jason Jacques Gallery will be exhibiting at booth number 213.

FOG Design + Art Fair will take place January 17th through the 20th.

The Preview Gala held on the 16th.

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