FOG Design + Art 2020

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January 16 – 19, 2020

Press Release

Jason Jacques Gallery at FOG

Design + Art 2020

SAN FRANCISCO — JANUARY 16-19— Fresh off the heels of the Guggenheim’s large-scale Hilma af Klint retrospective, we are turning our eye back towards our Anthroposophical collection, which has been part of our gallery focus for the past 20 years.

In its time, it was a reaction to the sudden coldness and depersonalization which came with rapidly industrialization of European society— issues which today resonate on a global scale. After Anthroposophy split from Theosophy to reconstitute their line of thought with an emphasis on the human, this philosophical framework founded by the esoteric 19th century thinker Rudolf Steiner began to develop a theory of the existence of an objective and intellectually comprehensible spiritual world, accessible to human experience.

Its adherents produced much writing, architecture, design, and art, including the earliest examples of abstract painting, for both Klint and Kandinsky were involved in the movement and heavily influenced by Steiner’s work.

It is this line of thought that bring us to our own booth, where we will feature Karl Georg Schoettle’s abstract and heavily meditative works, as well as Felix Kayser’s impressive furnishings with their nuanced and angular forms. These timeless objects will stand alongside with contemporary sculpture, painting, and design by Osamu Kojima and Bente Skjøttegaard, Johannes Nagel, and Tayo Heuser amongst others, as well as a rare work by Siem van den Hoonaard.


FOG Art + Design will take place January 16-19 at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center.

If you’ll be in the Bay Area and would like complimentary tickets, please email

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