Ode to Clay


Press Release

Ode to Clay opens on January 6 and runs through February 29.

Jason Jacques Gallery is located at 29 E 73rd Street, Manhattan.


NEW YORK CITY— JANUARY 6, 2020— Ode to Clay is a curatorial love letter to the medium our gallery has spent decades with and the artists who steadfastly embrace it.

The exhibition will feature work from each of our contemporary artists, kicking off the second decade of our contemporary art program with a look at the remarkable level of variety, technical refinement, and conceptual rigor within the medium.

Clay has transversed thirty millennia; as human history ran it’s course, clay took the form of utilitarian, ritual, decorative, and purely representational art objects— and it is still thriving. Part of what makes the medium special is its ability to be both distinct from yet embedded within daily life. In the conceptual sense, clay can invoke something distant, like an ancient figurine of a bygone venus.

It is the perfect twenty-first century medium.

Ode to Clay will feature work by Gareth Mason, Beth Cavener, Nick Weddell, Katsuyo Aoki, Anne Marie Laureys, Osamu Kojima, Kim Simonsson, Eric Serritella, Johannes Nagel, Aneta Regel, Morten Løbner Espersen, and Tessa Eastman. This exhibition will give shape to the vision of what twenty first century ceramics can embody.


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