Monumentality at Jason Jacques Gallery

Design Miami/ The Buzz!

March 2022

Work from Monumentality, including pieces by Gareth Mason, Morten Løbner Espersen, Nick Widdell, Jean-Michel Cazin, Auguste Delaherche, Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer, Royal Copenhagen, Manufacture Nationale de Sevres, Ingeborg + Bruno Asshof, and Ernest Chaplet. Photo © Jason Jacques Gallery

Now showing: New York’s Jason Jacques Gallery presents Monumentality, a virtual exhibition centered around size. The show features an international selection of small-scale historical and contemporary clay-based works—the largest, a 9.8-inch long-necked porcelain vessel by Royal Copenhagen (c. 1910); the smallest, a 2.3-inch milky white cachepot painted with green clovers by Auguste Delaherche (c. 1920)—all of which demand a closer look. As Jacques observes, there’s something fabulous and fascinating about an object “small enough to be held in one’s hand yet too exquisite to touch, something which seems bigger than itself.” Explore the show online through March 31st.

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