Press Release

Viewings are available by appointment.

Welcome to “Reopening,” an exhibition about just that. We’re looking at how artwork is imbued with meaning, both by it’s makers and viewers, and how it brings us joy even in troubling times. Artworks in and of themselves are physical remnants of artist’s thoughts and work.

As long as there have been human beings we’ve used our surplus time and material to make art— and to this day objects are marked by their maker’s historical moments. Curiously, in spite of the tumult and confusion of the early twenty-first century, the art of our era is infused with an undercurrent of hope. New approaches to materials, revivals and reassessments of subject matter, and a entirely reimagined relationships with historical and social context abound.

This past Spring and current Summer, respectively times of rebirth and growth, we’ve seen the world around us shift immensely. As we emerge from the strange seasons we’ve passed under history’s full, moon, we’ve realize that while the tides changed while we weren’t looking— but as always the art of our times serves as a vehicle to help us mark those changes and reimagine our world.

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