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Jason Jacques Gallery Carries on its Ceramic Legacy at TEFAF


Jason Jacques Gallery is pleased to announce their 8th year exhibiting at The European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht. A stunning array of artwork that, in the end, upholds Jason Jacques Gallery’s ambition to question the boundaries and conventions surrounding those hallowed categories of the contemporary and the historical.

The booth will feature works by a selection of international artists from past and present: pieces by Morten Løbner Espersen, Aneta Regel, Gareth Mason, Katsuyo Aoki, and Shari Mendelson will stand alongside turn-of-the-century works of Georges Hoentschel, and Jean Joseph Carriès; the booth will be anchored by Rick Owens’ bold, minimal furniture.

It has been clear that over the years, the vision that this gallery has maintained is fixed upon the notion of displacing conventional standards of displaying, viewing, collecting, and living with art. The themes explored by the featured artists grapple with ideas of mythos, abstraction, craft, and the natural world, approaching representation through the lens of sculptural work. The booth will attempt to emulate that sublime space in which the natural meets the synthetic, the historical meets the contemporary, the figural meets the abstract. As a whole, this sampling of ceramic art and vessels is a reminder that human history as well as the artworks and artifacts it produces, are a lived experience and should be seen as such.


TEFAF will take place March 14th through the 24th | Jason Jacques Gallery will be exhibiting at booth number 613.

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