The Illusion of Permanence

Eric Serritella presented by Jason Jacques Gallery x Galerie Fledermaus

August 28 – September 26, 2021

Press Release

The Illusion of Permanence opens August 28th at Galerie Fledermaus, 2753 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647.

Jason Jacques Gallery is pleased to announce The Illusion of Permanence, an exhibition of works by world-renowned ceramic artist Eric Serritella. Presented in collaboration with Galerie Fledermaus in Chicago, The Illusion of Permanence is a paean to nature, offered in clay.

Serritella's trompe l'oeil ceramic sculptures are effigies; aged, weathered and burned by nature and man. His forms echo natural organisms so perfectly, so poignantly, the wounds and scars he carves into their flesh register with a palpable pain. But in depicting the destruction wrought by humans on the earth, Serritella remains an optimist. He sows seeds of hope beneath the ruin: a bud beneath the charred forest floor, waiting to emerge. Serritella tells us that nature will survive long past our time here on earth.

Decay is merely the process of nature reassembling itself; breaking down, changing form, and- like a fresh lump of clay- transforming into something new.


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