Stuttgart (Germany) 16 October 1890 - 30 January 1977 Stuttgart (Germany)


Trained as a cabinetmaker in Berlin. In 1912-1914, he studied architecture at the Technical University in Dresden and from 1919 in Stuttgart with Schmitthenner. Parallel to this, he studied painting with Adolf Hölzel. In 1925, joined the Anthroposophical Society. In 1927, he was the lead artist in a family-owned company for furniture design. In 1940, he created a painting cycle inspired by dream experiences titled The Deeds and Afflictions of Light in the Course of a Year. In 1946, he was one of the co-founders of the Stuttgart Bund für Kunsthandwerker [Association of Artisans], and a founding member of Bauverein der Stuttgarter Anthroposophen [Building Association of Stuttgart Anthroposophists]. He studied painting at the painting school led by Maria Strakosch-Giesler. In 1951, he completed a painting cycle for the Twelve Moods of Rudolf Steiner.

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