Kim Simonsson at Lille3000

6ème grande édition thématique de lille3000

Rue Faidherbe, Lille, FR


Press Release

Rue Faidherbe, Lille, FR



For Utopia Kim Simonsson's famed Moss People re-emerge as Moss Giants to transform Lille's city-center for the 6th grand thematic edition of it's triennial arts and culture fair, lille3000

As they were initially convieved by Kim Simonsson, the Moss People are wanderers from the Nordic forests. They are gatherers wearing cauliflower shoes and headgear for some to protect them from the elements. The Moss People communicate with the primordial universal sign language they have created together. Like migratory birds, they move from one place to another, each with a purpose to find their sign. Through a narrative that weaves between the real world and the supernatural, the ten elves draw us into the heart of the Taiga, those dense northern forests rich in tales of the imagination.

The narrative arc of the Moss People is essentially never ending; with each new edition to the series, the story continues— now, it's scaled up.

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